UNIQIT - Embedded Rapid Prototype Tool

UNIQIT tool chain offers a highly flexible, multiplatform, rapid prototyping system for Embedded Applications. As turnaround time proves to be the key factor for embedded systems industry, embedded system designers are under more & more pressure to reduce design time often in the face of drastic changes in module capability needs in evolving system designs.

Prototyping of embedded systems is important, because it shortens the path from specification to the final product. Prototypes play a major role in decision making, concept and design validation, feature and limit exploration, as well as design verification in every phase of the product development cycle, including product planning, requirement engineering and product development. These key factors of faster turnaround, changing capability needs and optimized cost of ownership our R&D team delivered into their rich stock of product development experience & brought out UNIQIT.

Elegant Simplicity: The UNIQIT has been designed for the best trade-off between versatility and immediate connectivity. The convenient form factor works seamlessly with solder less plug-in boards and external plug& play modules.

Being modular, the hardware and the design software of the prototyping environment allow an easy substitution or extension of the parts of the system.

  • Multi-Platform Rapid Product-Prototyping Tool chain
  • Modular Design, Easy Plug-in & Scale Up as Required
  • 8 Processor families and Growing(8,16,32 Bit)
  • 20 on-board Modules for Easy Rapid Development
  • 10 special function Plug-in Modules & Growing
  • Choice of 8 Wired & 5 Wireless Comm. Protocols
  • Smart Card and SD Memory Card support on-board
  • Ready Headers & Libraries that integrate with IDE
  • Complete Code Warrior IDE Package from Freescale

UNIQIT, for the first time, offers a simple solder less plug & play solution to answer the need for multiple microcontroller platforms in a single tool chain, without need for changing base hardware. We offer an array of target boards based on microcontroller families from Freescale (Motorola), Texas Instruments, Phillips(NXP),Microchip and Intel. Software libraries are available for each platform which helps to easily connect & use the various peripheral modules available onboard and as add-on pluggable modules. These libraries integrate with the respective Microcontroller IDE's.

The following list of daughter boards is currently available. If you find, your microcontroller platform missing here don’t hesitate to call us, Our R&D team is always ready to plug-in the need.

Uniqit - Embedded Rapid Prototyping Board Specfication, Design and Peripheral Circuits


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