UNIQIT - Training

Rapid Prototyping Seminars and Workshops based on UNIQIT

Have you ever considered prototyping a new electronic product, but had been put off by the daunting prospect of learning how to use microcontrollers and how to develop the electronics associated with them ?

Unified Softech is planning a series of educational half-day seminars and full-day hands-on technical workshops focused on rapid prototyping. For more information and inquiries, kindly mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

These workshops conducted by Unified Softech in association with IIIT-B (International Institute of Information Technology – Bangalore) are aimed at demonstrating how easy it can be to rapidly prototype a new idea for an electronic product using sophisticated and powerful 8, 16 or 32-bit microcontrollers with rich functionality, complex I/O capabilities and great performance.

Participants in these workshops will learn about the capabilities of the UNIQIT and how to quickly set up and start developing functionality using the free compiler and free code libraries.  The workshops also include UNIQ LAB, which will give all delegates a hands-on opportunity to play with the UNIQIT board and a selection of peripheral components including sensors, communication modules, displays and other interfaces.

The Differentiation Factors!!!

  • Ultra-fast methodology
  • Real ease of use
  • Leading technology
  • Complete Hassel Free prototyping & evaluation
  • Very Low cost of prototyping & above all complete Reusability
  • No / Zero wait time for PCB Manufacturing or component sourcing or component mounting
  • Complete Hardware Plug & Play
  • Comes with all the required Cables & Power supply
  • Vast range external peripheral modules and a host of Controller cores to choose from. Our R&D division is already working on enhancing the UNIQIT



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