UNIQIT - Target Microcontroller Boards

UNIQIT, for the first time, offers a simple solder less plug & play solution to answer the need for multiple microcontroller platforms in a single tool chain, without a need for changing base hardware. We offer an array of target boards based on microcontroller families from Freescale (Motorola), Texas Instruments, Phillips (NXP), Microchip and Intel. Software libraries are available for each platform which help to easily connect & use the various peripheral modules available onboard and as add-on pluggable modules. These code libraries integrate with the respective Microcontroller IDE's.

Following is the list of currently available target boards. If you find your microcontroller platform missing here, please don’t hesitate to touch base with us. Our R & D team is always ready to plug-in the need.

The modularity of the UNIQIT supports the following microcontrollers

8 bit Microcontrollers

16 bit Microcontrollers

32 bit Microcontrollers


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