Core Competencies

Starting with a bare bone definition of the problems faced with current technology or need for newer features, or even new technology for a yet un-tackled area, our engineers can conceptualize the technological solution, create the System functional requirement specification and the corresponding Hardware and Software requirement specifications. The team is experienced in Legacy Systems support especially reverse engineering, bridging and software re-engineering / maintenance.

Development Skills

The Team has in-depth hands on experience in,

  • Multiple Microcontroller / Processor Platforms such as 8, 16 & 32-bit Microcontrollers from ATMEL AVR series, Texas Instruments MSP430 series, NXP (Philips), Renesas, Microchip (PIC Series),Freescale (Motorola), PowerPC, Coldfire, ARM, Cortex M3/M4, Intel Processors like 80186, 80196, DSP & DSC
  • Embedded Design Tools for Circuit Development and Simulation, PCB design / development
  • Software engineering tools such as UML and concepts of OOAD
  • OS capabilities in Linux Kernel, Win CE
  • Real-time environments such as RT Linux, RTX51, PSos, QNX, MQX,  RTX ARM, Free RTOS
  • Software Development environments such as Visual Studio, Qtopia (QT), C, C++, Embedded C,  C#, Java, Perl
  • Embedded Firmware Development Tools / IDE's such as CodeWarrior, Kiel, IAR, MP Lab, Tasking, Paradigm, Code Composer Studio
  • Simulation tools like SIM51, MATLAB etc.
  • Wired Communication Protocols like SCI, SPI, I2C, USB, CAN, LIN, FLEXRAY, Ethernet (TCP/IP), SONET/SDH, MOD BUS, Field BUS
  • Wireless Communication Protocols like Basic RF, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi
  • Actuators and Sensors like Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Proximity, Rotary Encoders, Light, accelerometer, Infra-Red

Testing Skills

The team has hands on experience in manual and automated testing environments - Rational Functional Tester an automated functional regression testing tool to test Web applications developed on the .NET or Java platforms.

  • Manual Testing
  • Test Automation for Regression Testing
  • Rational Rose Tools
  • Development of specific embedded software for Hardware testing and Diagnostics

Operationalizing / Maintenance Skills

The team consists of a dedicated support group which can take up the tasks needed to operationalize the products on site. The teams cross functional expertise in Process,  Hardware, Software, Field Instruments, Actuators & Sensors makes their job that much more precise and quick. Their activities  include

  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Power up Testing
  • Field Configurations
  • System Testing at Field
  • The support team also takes up in-field maintenance of both Software and Hardware


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