Engagement Models

Depending on the nature of the project and the references of the clients, we can use one of the following models.

  1. Offshore


    We execute the project from our embedded software development centre. Periodic reviews are conducted with the client to ensure the progress of the project as per the plan & to address any changes in specifications that may take place during project execution.

  2. On-site Placement Of our engineers

    On Site

    We provide you the engineering resources having necessary skills defined by you. Our engineers will work out at your premises under your supervision for the duration required by you.

  3. Combination of On-site & Offshore


    In this model, few engineers will work on-site & a large team will be working offshore. One of the on-site engineer works as a project coordinator as well as gets involved in critical design areas where the need of interaction with customer is very high.


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  1. Communications
  2. Embedded
  3. Locomotive